Our Story

The Prekese Radio Story

Founded in January 2021, Prekese Radio promises to be the go to radio station for information regarding the European region. Prekese Radio is based in Hamburg, Germany.

In Germany and the entire Europe, every little information is important to African migrants especially with regards to immigration, housing, school system, especially during this COVID-19 era where information is mostly important than ever.

Often times, Africans and for that matter Ghanaians would opt for information from WhatsApp audio from friends and family, hear-sayers or any other inauthentic sources available.

Those way of obtaining information usually misinformed people about the realities on the ground.

This problem however presented the Founder with an opportunity to create an authentic source of information from European Authorities to Africans and vice versa, thus the founding of Prekese Radio.



As an African community radio station dedicated to changing the narrative in migrant radio experience, everyone at Prekese Radio including the Board, Management and presenters are currently there voluntarily based on passion, and the station runs solely on donor support from individuals.