They Conspired Against Me – Mona Gucci


She seemed to have lost her voice; her countenance, and demeanor were not inscrutable as one could easily tell she had isolated herself from the conversation on UTV’s United Showbiz as a guest after some of the viewers cast doubt on her claim that she is a lawyer.

It does appear that Mona Gucci, barely hours after the show, has found her voice and is pointing accusing fingers at some unnamed individuals.

The socialite cum television presenter on Saturday, February 20, 2021’s episode boasted of being a lawyer who had her internship with Abigail Williams and Co in Worcester Massachusetts after schooling at Massachusetts School of Law in 2017.

“I did Immigration Law in America… I can’t practice it in Ghana,” she said, eliciting a follow-up question from the host Nana Ama McBrown as regards why she abandoned the law profession for showbiz in Ghana.

“I worked for a while before coming to Ghana. At least, for two or three years. I worked with a firm,” she responded.

“I think Mona must explain… You can see I’ve been fidgetting my phone. I’m getting a lot of messages that Mona is not a lawyer. She needs to clarify,” said musician, satirist, and political activist A-Plus who was a panelist on the show.

This was after the host Nana Ama McBrown, and another panelist Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo became curious over why Mona Gucci would choose showbiz over a law profession in the United States.

Mona Gucci in her attempt to provide an explanation veered off but a “mischievous” A-Plus highlighted the need to be concise so he could defend her whenever people doubt her claim of being a lawyer.

In her response, Mona insisted she is a lawyer. According to her, her family has always urged her to school. Knowing that she could not choose showbiz over education, she was actively doing showbiz while studying at the law school.

“When I came into the industry, that was the time you [McBrown] and Suzzy Williams all started. However, our family doesn’t support the desire to be an entertainer; you must make education a priority because we are brilliant. As a result, I was doing both simultaneously…” she claimed.

Her response however could not save her from the public backlash and mockery as she topped social media trends.

Mona Gucci in a Facebook post, Sunday, has indicated that there was a conspiracy against her.

“What baffled me on the United showbiz yesterday..was they forgot who they were tryna conspire against? MONA GUCCI?? How can y’all stoop this low…? Now am forced to open keys n shake tables on linkup show on Friday—Sorry,” her post read.

Mona’s post has had some reactions including suggestions that she should rather admit her fault and move on instead of resorting to a damage control mechanism which will eventually be a shoot in the foot.

“But are you a Lawyer? Did you answer right yesterday? What tables are you shaking? Your lies won’t make you perfect madam, do you even practice your so-called profession? Do you have pictures of you graduating or called to the Bar? Deal with your shame and leave us alone,” said a commenter.


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